Rocersa BIM Library

Rocersa’s BIM Library for architectural projects in BIM is the easiest way to create a digital design simulation.

Rocersa’s BIM Library, for digital architectural projects

Rocersa now has its BIM Library, a revolutionary new way of working for professionals in the contract sector.


What is BIM Library and how does it work?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the digital working method for the construction sector. BIM is able to create added value by enabling people, processes and tools to work together effectively throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

Within the BIM library you will find a wide diversity of products such as furniture of different brands, lighting and a BIM library of porcelain tiles where you can see Rocersa products to learn about their finish and characteristics.

Rocersa has materials that are in the BIM Library so that you can check beforehand if they fit with the design you want, you can also see them in the BIM Library for floors and walls and in the BIM library for flooring.



A tool for the contract sector

BIM is ideal for all professionals in the contract sector, those involved in a construction project: architects, builders, engineers or interior designers, even for clients.

Construction projects gain in transparency and quality, and the corresponding costs and deadlines become more reliable. With BIM, the planning, construction and management of buildings is implemented at a higher level of quality and demand, resulting in increased efficiency.


Why work with Rocersa’s BIM Library?


Architectural project with BIM

Thanks to this methodology, you can create a design using a digital version of the materials that you will install on the physical building site. In Rocersa’s BIM Library you will find our collections of floor and wall coverings, as well as decoration, textiles and construction materials to create the entire architectural project.

You will know its exact finish and how it combines with the other elements. In other words, it is a good tool to make several tests and to foresee unexpected complications in the development of the work.

Working with Rocersa’s BIM library will give you total confidence in your architectural projects!


Choose the porcelain tile from Rocersa’s BIM Library

Thanks to Rocersa’s BIM Library of floor and wall tiles, you can select the collection, finish, format and colour. You can also combine the materials and see the effect on the space with different atmospheres.

Download the Rocersa BIM Library ( Here you will find all the necessary information about the pieces, technical characteristics, etc.

Budget and purchase materials easily

Absolutely all the elements that the contract sector needs in architecture and interior design are in your files. Moreover, since the BIM methodology does not depend on other external applications, the work becomes much simpler.

The costs of the materials, as well as the contact details for acquiring them, are in the application itself. This makes it very fast to create the quotation and to procure the materials once they have been decided and approved.

Process automation

This data system enables intelligent information management throughout the entire life cycle of a project, automating processes of programming, conceptual design, detailed design, analysis, documentation, manufacturing, construction logistics, operation and maintenance, renovation and/or demolition.

The benefits of applying BIM include cost and time reduction, improved workflows, error reduction and increased efficiency.

Ease of teamwork

By including the different elements present in an architectural project, all professionals can work with the same tool as mentioned above.

Any of the professionals and clients involved in the project can use BIM and consult the information on the characteristics of a material. For example, if the flooring complies with anti-slip regulations or if it is a porcelain tile suitable for high-traffic spaces.


Remember that you will find our products in the BIM library sections flooring, porcelain tiles and floors and walls. In the Rocersa 2021 General Catalogue you can find the BIM logo on the cover of the collections in which it is available, but if you have any doubts, please contact our team (link a